Bluesfest Byron Bay 2015 - Paul Kelly January 08 2015

Awe inspiring talent offers an unforgetable experience this year at Bluesfest Byron Bay.  I am experiencing overwhelming feelings of stress - stress that I have to choose which band to see when both my must see bands are playing at the same time.  Bluesfest please stop -  the choices are already beyond my imaginings! Oh well - the winner is Paul Kelly,  having Dan Sultan & Clairy Brown in the mix did tip the scales a little! The Bluesfest  write up is copied here this week as it really does say it all.

Paul Kelly Presents The Merri Soul Sessions - Feat. Dan Sultan, Kira Puru & Vika and Linda Bull

Singer, poet, songwriter and national treasure - Paul Kelly is returning to the Bluesfest stage to showcase his brand new collaboration-based release The Merri Soul Sessions. Live, this very special soul-review will feature performances with some of the incredible guest vocalists from the album including Dan Sultan, Kira Puru and Vika & Linda Bull. 

Through continual reinvention, 19 studio albums (plus several live releases & film scores) and countless accolades Paul Kelly has carved out his enduring place in the Australian psyche, his stories are synonymous with our landscape, history and lifestyle.

Songwriters and poets everywhere have paid tribute to his rich, tapestry-like catalogue of songs that have become the soundtrack to our lives, like ‘How to Make Gravy’, ‘From St Kilda to King's Cross’, ‘To Her Door’, ‘From Little Things Big Things Grow’, ‘Everythings Turning To White’ - and countless others. It seems fitting for the new chapter in this influential career to include collaborations with the next generation of incredible Australian musicians.

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