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Memorable Quotes

Valentines Day Message February 14 2015

Feeling alone on Valentines Day? Go camping & hug a tree!  Your never alone in nature:)

Quote - Nikki Hill January 31 2015

Just be yourself, you are magnificent!

Michael Franti Quote January 24 2015

War against war, doesn't make sense to use the same energy that created the problem to fix the problem!  Does it?  Like Michael Franti says - "Music is our power"

Bob Dylan Quote January 18 2015

Saturday night and seeking inspiration when I found this quote by Bob Dylan

"You better start swimming, or you'll sink like a stone.  Because the time's they are a changing"

I can think of no better quote to describe how the young must feel about those that control the world.  Thank God for young people - It's easy to see the world will be in better hands soon enough:).

I have such gratitude for Music it reminds the soul what living is really about.  If you haven't already purchased tickets to Bluesfest then do it now!  

The standard of musicians gracing our shores is like an elixir of inspiration and hope to world weary souls.   Come enjoy the music and let us set up your festival home 

Berthold Auerback - Wash the dust away January 10 2015

Come wash the dust off at a music festival,  wash the soul:)




Come see why Byron Bay Bluesfest is so good for the soul. 

Bob Marley Quote January 03 2015