Falls Festival Wrap up - 2014 January 04 2015

As the dust settles on Falls Festival Byron for another year, we reflect on an enjoyable experience in our first year as an accomodation partner. We hoped to create a tent community village for a budget price for our guests and the feedback has been a resounding Yes we did it! We loved seeing our guests resting on the lounges (see photo) with our gazebos making it through the storm -JUST!  The sudden arrival of torrential rain - see exerpt from abc news, almost saw the break out gazebos make a premature exit from the Festival:) We have fast tracked our plans to invest in a stretch tent to create a storm, water & sun proof break out area for our guests to relax while they rest, regroup and plan for the next activity or performance.  We will reveal the new tent and seating at Splendour this year:)



The Tent of Change was well recieved with its strip lighting, make up booths & full length mirror.  We will tweak a few things for splendour this year so it's even better!

The chalkboard door brought out the comedian in one of our guests - see photo - it will forever more be known as Dumble Door!

Arrival at the site was the biggest challenge for our guests with some confusion finding our site.  We promise that there will be very clear directions to our village for the next festival -  thank you to everyone for taking it all in your stride.

We have loved having our guests at Falls Festival - a chilled, relaxed, happy bunch of music lovers that made our Festival experience one to remember!  Check out our facebook page for the winner to our $100 off contest announced on 4 January https://www.facebook.com/byron.bay.camping   

Thanks again for making Falls Festival Byron 2014 an experience we will remember:)

Deanna & Kevin